Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playing catch up!

Well, so much for good intentions. I was honestly going to try and blog while I was in Fort Worth.

It didn't work.


I DID go shopping and had a fabulous pedicure.

I had good company driving to Fort Worth.
And it was fast. Apparently the toll road speed limit has changed to 80. I love this state!!!
Even though I was only gone for 4 days this time it seemed like a long week. I was thankful to be home!!

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday with my parents at Grey Moss Inn. I haven't been there in years and it was a first visit for Preston. It was exactly like I remember it - but I think I appreciate it more now that I'm older. Preston read online that it's haunted. I think it kind of freaked him out - but we didn't see any ghosts so everything turned out OK.
Oh - and Preston got me an awesome birthday present. Definitely the best husband EVER.
So I have obviously been a little camera crazy all weekend. Obviously. It has a FOOD setting. And a PET setting. It's like heaven.
OK...I promise this is the last one.
For now.

Hugs & kisses....

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