Thursday, February 16, 2012

My first post!!

It's my blog!! Finally. I know, you have been waiting too.....

I can feel your shivers of excitement.

That could, quite possibly, be an exaggeration but I am excited!

So here is a quick explanation of what you can hope to find here: me, my family, my fur-babies, my friends, my thoughts about life, faith, health and anything else I feel like talking about AND finally, and most important, Delicious Goodness. Yes, recipes and pictures of whatever yummy-ness I feel like creating. My real purpose is to show a combination of healthy eating (that CAN be delicious while being healthy) and sprinkle in those indulgences that I might decide to make. All things in moderation - that is what every doctor I see tells me so I'm going with it. 

All of that being I go....

I have had a migraine for 3 (count them 1 2 3) days. Not constant, mind you, but always there behind the scenes just begging to interfere with my life. Quite frustrating. And no, before any of you ask, I have NOT been to the doctor about them because I have never, in my history of migraines, had one hang on like this. I can, however, apparently overcome the pain when necessary. I mean making fabulous Valentine's Day cupcakes obviously falls into the "necessary" category - right???


As does a Valentine's dinner prepared with love through the searing pain of white hot pokers being pushed into my head. 

Yes.....anything "love" related obviously falls into that category.

But that, my friends, is because I'm a woman and I work through the pain. Until I fall, tearfully, into bed after taking two over-the-counter migraine pills, a sinus pill (just to make sure), plastering a package of frozen broccoli (wrapped in a dish towel) to my neck and quietly begging my Preston to keep the lights off. Sigh. Happy Valentine's Day people!!! According to Preston, I passed out quickly. 

So here are my deliciously wonderful cupcakes which I must admit do NOT fall into the healthy category.

For these jumbo gems I used Betty Crocker's Super Moist Triple Chocolate Fudge cake mix. I substituted 1 1/4 cups brewed coffee instead of the water (a little trick Preston's Mom taught me). It is supposed to add moistness and enhance the flavor of the chocolate and according to my tasters it worked. One box made 12 jumbo cupcakes. Then I made yummy butter cream frosting from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and added AmeriColor's "Electric Pink" gel coloring. I was so happy with the hot pink color! Those little chocolate wafer cookies on top were straight from Martha Stewart. They are delicious and I used the leftover cookies and frosting to make little sandwich cookies. 

So there it is. My first blog post. Whew.

Hugs and kisses. 

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