Saturday, February 18, 2012


Shoes....glorious shoes.....(sung to the tune of "Food Glorious Food" from Oliver!)

I heart shoes. Seriously. I love looking at them. I love trying them on. I love holding them. I love pumps, boots and sandals. I love 5 inch heels, 2 inch heels and flats. I love strappy, peep-toe or closed toe. Black, hot pink, yellow, silver......glittery gold (under my wedding dress).'s an obvious problem that I have. 

However, I am aware of my obssession and with the help of my husband I have worked to bring it under control. I try VERY hard to not buy a pair of shoes without getting rid of another pair. This is, honestly, because I don't have enough space in the closet. Oh, and money is obviously another factor.

But I apparently have a new means of self control. 

Ta da!! UGLY SHOES. 

What exactly is appealing about these shoes?? Who thought these shoes were made for a woman's feet?? I ask myself - what is SEXY about these shoes?? Nothing. I mean, not all shoes are meant to be "sexy" but aren't those "not sexy" shoes meant to be comfortable? These are just hideous. And I, who can personally rock a pair of 5 inch heels, wonder about women's ability to walk in them. I watch girls in the office EVERY day who have no business wearing any heel over an inch (uncomfortable cringing as I think about it) and I tremble at the thought of them trying to wear these shoes. I even asked some of my other "shoe loving" sisters about the new shoes out this Spring and not surprisingly we are all in agreement!!

These shoes remind me of why I love them so much!!

These shoes are sexy. And they are "wearable". And to me (although possibly not to everyone else) they look comfortable. I would feel beautiful and sexy wearing these shoes. Those other ones? Not so much. 

So (and I'm sure Preston will breath a huge sigh of relief) I see no shoe purchases in the near future thanks to shelves full of UGLY SHOES that were obviously meant for those young ladies who have not yet learned the difference between stylish shoes and just plain trendy shoes. I wish you girls luck and have already begun to pray for your ankles. 

Hugs and kisses.

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