Monday, April 16, 2012

Craving Burgers....

Hunger Games anyone??

I'm almost finished with Mockingjay, Book 3 in the trilogy. I have devoured (ha!) all three books. I love love LOVE them. I probably annoy Preston when I suddenly yell "NO!!" when someone dies or make little sounds of frustration when something happens that I don't like. I can't help myself!!

By the way....George (our crazy Russian Blue cat) has asked to be called "Cat"niss Everdeen from now on. Yes, she asked. What??? Don't your animals talk to you?

Sunday lunch was at one of my favorite places - Freebirds World Burrito. This place brings back happy college memories for me and also provides great atmosphere and yummy food. Preston and I already enjoyed eating there but since I decided to eat vegan it has become a favorite Sunday lunch place because we can both eat exactly like we want.

Preston can have meat. He loves their nachos - I do too but since I steer clear of cheese most of the time they aren't a good choice for me.

 I opt for the "Burrito in a Bowl" option - minus the tortilla, meat and cheese.
Super yummy cilantro rice topped with black beans, sauteed onions and peppers, lettuce, pico, corn relish and avocado. I top it with a good dose of the their "mild sauce" and am always stuffed and left feeling healthy. I will admit that I sometimes gaze longingly at Preston's queso and feel pangs of desire. Oh well.

I found this beauty outside of the restaurant.

I love South Texas.

Confession: I have been remiss lately about planning our meals for the week. This is something that makes me feel SO much less stressed on a daily basis. I will admit (sadly) that I have focused so much more on my own meals lately - poor Preston. I feel awful about it. So I planned a yummy one for him on Sunday. Hamburgers!!

Oh wait, I'm vegan. What the heck???

Of course there are alternatives - of COURSE! I planned on making these Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers that I found (and pinned) but I honestly just wasn't feeling like I wanted to make the effort. And I have "veggie" patties in the refrigerator that I bought a few weeks ago at Costco - but didn't want those either. I found Preston a  very yummy looking "Cowboy Burger" at the meat counter - complete with bacon and cheese inside. So I wandered the aisles trying to decide what to do for myself. I knew I wanted sweet potato fries (YUMMMMM) and found these.

Not only are these ALWAYS delicious but these are new to my store. Crinkle cut AND seasoned with sea salt and pepper. Glorious! AND there was a $2 coupon for....

I saw these when I was looking at the frozen vegan choices but they seemed pricey so I moved on. But $2 off! Made it worth a try for me AND I wasn't going to be left out of the burger deliciousness. I was pleasantly surprised. They reminded me of a turkey burger. Preston declared that it looked dry (after he grilled it) but it was moist enough to make me SO happy. I cheated and added a piece of cheese to my burger but I felt absolutely NO guilt about it.

I bought us both whole grain rolls (mine was more grainy), I used fresh tomatoes and avocado on mine PLUS Soy Free Vegenaise from Follow Your Heart. Little Sister bought this for me to try and OMG. I loved it!! Preston even tried it and said it "tastes just like the real thing". That's a HUGE compliment in my opinion.

Dinner was delicious and I think I made peace with myself about somewhat ignoring my wonderful husband's food needs. I have several yummy meals planned for him this week too.

Question: Who wears this shirt and then chooses to curl up on Daddy's lap???
Oh, that's right Shiner. Probably only because Mommy MADE him wear the shirt and so he runs to Dad.

Whatever. He knows who feeds him.

Hugs & kisses....

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