Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, my first "vegan" week is almost over. And I made it - barely.

One thing I didn't know about going into this was "vegan detox". I think I will dub it "what the heck was I thinking sickness" but now that it's over I'm actually glad it happened.

Let me explain.

Wednesday started out like a regular day. My energy levels were high and I felt great! Lunch came and I was once again satisfied by its deliciousness...

About 2 pm I started feeling bad. It began with a sore throat. My wonderful FB friends and I agreed it must be those nasty allergens that blew in with our little cold front. By 3:15 or so I felt like someone had scraped my throat raw and then started beating me with a stick. Seriously - I felt just plain c r a p p y. Ugh. I left a little early determined to go home and sleep until it all went away. Once home I tried to play with my hyper puppy but literally felt like someone had sucked every ounce of life from my body. I ended up on the couch with a glass of ice water contemplating how pitiful I needed to sound so I didn't have to make Preston dinner. Turns out I didn't really even have to try, I just said I couldn't. He understood.

Of course he turned the tables on me after his pink eye/sore throat ordeal last week and immediately asked upon arriving home "What have you taken to help this?". My big, green doe-eyes said it all....nothing. Sigh.

He quickly dosed me with 500 milligrams of acetaminophen and pronounced me healed. Uh huh. This is what was happening: some unknown, outside force was pulling my body apart - at the joints. I felt like I was getting the flu or possibly being possessed by pain demons. Bed at 10 pm but sleep, for some odd reason, hung just out of my reach until sometime after 1am. It was a rough few hours.

3:30 am - I woke myself up because I was crying. In. My. Sleep. Crying. I got up and could hardly walk and then the chills hit me. After waking my sweetly dreaming husband he determined that my fever was over 100. Sigh. Some unknown medication and gentle orders to relax, calm down and go to sleep. Which I apparently had no problem with. I woke at 8:45 am the next morning DRENCHED in sweat. Thank goodness.

Apparently I suffered what is know as "vegan detox". Flu-like symptoms. Migraine-like headache. Body fatigue. All of the above. Thankfully I somehow avoided the odd body odor. Thank you Lord for small miracles. I spent my day on the couch with almost no appetite and that nasty "sick" feeling you get after you have a fever. Ugh. Happy to report that today, Friday, I felt amazing. Yup. You heard me. That might possibly be because the "meat" toxins in my body were leached out by a fever (yeah, pain demons or maybe meat demons).

And another big bonus? Changes in my blood sugar. I have been really struggling with my blood sugar - ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for the last 6 months. Short version: Dr. A changed my meds several months ago and apparently the new medicine did NOT work and my glucose levels skyrocketed. Uncontrollable. Fast forward to now: He put me back on the previous meds and we have seen some progress. This month he changed a twice daily injection to a new weekly form. Yay, fewer needles. Again, Thank you Lord. Current status: My doctor's biggest concern is that my blood sugar in the morning is SO high. I average anywhere from 197 to 250 in the morning. Yeah, not good. What my doctor and I finally determined on my last visit is this: how in the HECK am I supposed to have normal blood sugar at any time during the day if I have such a bad starting point. So true. So this morning, after my "detox", any guesses about my starting blood sugar?? A glorious 157. I almost fainted. Really. Never went over 175 ALL DAY. For me lately, that's amazing. Tonight when I got home from work it was 107. Which for you, whoever is reading this, is probably normal. Yeah, not me. I cried. I sure did and I'm not embarrassed one bit. Miracles. They happen.

So there you go!! I am almost all of the way through the first week and I have lived. Like I said, barely, but I survived!!

Tomorrow is another day. I'm actually going to eat salmon for dinner. Saturday is my only "meat" day. Not sure how I'm feeling about it but we will see how my body reacts.

I have some yummy new, non-dairy products to review next time I post.

Hugs & kisses!!

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