Friday, March 2, 2012

Eating in Fort Worth - Oliver's Fine Foods

I'm going to start this by saying I LOVE DOWNTOWN FORT WORTH. Love it.

Filled with old buildings, cobblestone streets. shady trees and plenty of yummy places to eat I would love to work down here every day. I hear that sometimes they even run the cattle through downtown reminiscent of the old "cow town" days. Awesome. And when I stay down here at night I feel safe enough to walk to eat dinner or just to pick something up to bring back to the hotel. 

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to stay at the Hilton Fort Worth (right next door to the building I work in). I love this hotel and it's remembrance of JFK. This hotel was formerly the Hotel Texas where JFK stayed the night before he was assassinated in Dallas. Such an amazing piece of our history. This time I wasn't staying downtown but enjoyed my week anyway. 

Lunch on Thursday was with my wonderful boss and our HR girls. We don't all get to go together very often so it was a highlight of my week! We ventured out into a sunny and mid 70 degree day in downtown Fort Worth. Complete with a wonderful breeze it made for the perfect day to walk through downtown. After walking a few blocks we ended up at Oliver's Fine Foods. Apparently this little deli/mini grocery store caters to those who are financially able to live in downtown Fort Worth. I. LOVE. IT. Not only did we have a great lunch we had extra time to walk through the "grocery" section, check out their "prepared foods" display and gaze longingly at the desserts. The grocery section came complete with samples of some delicious queso and a red pepper creamy dip. Awesome to have samples while waiting to order at the deli counter! I also found these SUPER CUTE treats to take home to Shiner (I promised to bring him something).

It was a good lunch with great friends who I miss when I'm in San Antonio. 

I had a super yummy Chicken and Artichoke Press with NO fries or chips (YAY me!!). Also at my table were the Cheeseburger with fries, the Gyro with fries and the Greek Salad. No one had food left so I am going to say we all enjoyed our meals. We did notice, after ordering, the presence of Sweet Potato Fries on other people's plates and swore to return and enjoy that yummy goodness. So I'm happy to report that I highly recommend Oliver's Fine Foods in downtown Fort Worth.

Hugs & kisses!

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